Being part of a community

Matt Wilkie in Cebu PhilippinesOne thing you find in the Philippines and i found in Cebu is that until you have been there a while you will be seen as an outsider and in many cases will always be seen as one. So what does it mean being an outsider? Well first thing is your likely to be overcharged for almost everything. Notice that nothing has a price on it for sale including cars?  Go on your own and get a price for a car then ask your wife/girlfriend to do the same see what price differences come back.

Well its fine when your there for a few weeks or a month you can afford it. But what when you want to settle long-term? What about building the family home, whats it going to cost and what should it really cost?? Where do you get a builder that can be trusted? Whats the regulations and hoops you need to get through for your building permit? Thinking of buying a farm whats the problems people come across? What about the areas you’re looking at are they safe?

These are just some of the questions that you will come across daily as you are thinking of moving to the Philippines or maybe even as a holiday wouldn’t you rather stop with someone from your home nation that can save you money on your flight and accommodation as well as show you round?

One thing ive also come across is the Racism issue as a foreigner it hasn’t really bothered me too much but we lost a home due to an aunt cashing in on the “foreigner” married to her niece. OK its fine to marry to a Filipina but have you thought of the consequences? My wife’s ties with an aunt has been left shattered because of the aunt’s greed and if you speak to more foreigners like us you find it’s a common problem, can be an aunt, uncle, brother, sister or any other member of a family and a lot of the time where your least expect it. But the money is only part of the problem the big issue is how it affects your wife and this is where i get to my point. There are plenty of people going through the same thoughts as you and there are plenty of us already living and doing the dream who offer advice for free.. yes “FREE” don’t get hung up on E-Books or books on the Philippines because they are generally outdated and expensive for the advice they offer. But joining our forum helps you and helps us establish a community of our own. Where we can share advice and also begin a support group for Asawas (wifes) of expats/Foreign nationals in the Philippines which can be a good source of help and support for those newly married as well as making friends.