Being grateful for what you have to drive you forward for the future.

Its often something that hangs people up with getting on with their lives. Something goes wrong and they look inward to themselves as it being a major mistake or problem.

But the importance is learning from the mistake and moving on, one thing I use for this is an evaluation of others around me. When I go abroad to work we concentrated on the fact that 3 months abroad for me could be 5 years in comparison for an OFW’s income. As such every time I went overseas it moved us forward by at least a year financially.

So when something does go wrong its simply “oh well, learn and move on”. Because life is full of experiences and your not always going to get it right but perseverance should prevail.

The reason I bring this up today is simply that I see too many people looking for short quick fixes for things in life. But putting the commitment and time into something you will find you move further forward in life and faster. Its a bit like people who decide not to go to college but into work straight away. Eventually sticking to the same job up until retirement if they can. Although I have no issue with people making choices but did they make any? Because often I find people accept life is what it is and don’t develop themselves believing there is no other way or giving up.

Life is what you make it, but I will always say I am thankful for everything I have done and will do. As I have a life that is often outside of the box. As although the hard road can be difficult sometimes it can also have some bare fruits you may never see otherwise. Living in countries like the Philippines, experiencing things people normally would never do or see. Living the life you want and where you want it, but its also understanding that even in your worst times you are often in a better scenario than many others. Because there is no failure in life unless you decide to stop trying.

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