Being apart from my wife.

First week of waiting has gone and although there is work in the pipeline things are still in limbo. I always have a big problem at these times because I wonder why I came back to the UK but hopefully everything is only a short step from clicking into place and a lot of developments will all happen at once. I have given a window of 4 to 6 months may sound a long time to most people and to be honest it is a long time to be away from home. But short trips don’t give good results due to the costs of setting up as well as travel costs. The secret to how things are going for us is very simple we progress every time i head back home. This trip is the house trip the trip before this one paid for a lot of land the medical expenses of Zoei and the start of one of our businesses. I’m 35 and will be retired well before I am 40 well i say retired but its more a change of pace and way of life as well as doing things i enjoy. Recently I was approached for a TV interview but I am  not currently in the Philippines which has put a damper on things although its the second time I have been asked. Ideally I would like 6 or 7 business ventures in the Philippines which will all be small scale but all profitable as well as try to get more involved with tourism in Cebu and see if I can help develop the industry to encourage more visitors. But it all takes time and I am  on the first few treads of a very big ladder. The one thing I can say is when times are hard I never hear my wife April complain in fact its normally just a tally of what we have and need and we always seem to work round the problems. One thing I can say though is month by month we become more financially stable currently we can survive but now is the time to push forward to the next level and move to secure and stable. Although it never gets easy being apart I try to concentrate on what we are doing and our plans rather than think too much on the distance as we both just begin to miss each other more. But for those of you who think you cant afford to retire or move to Asia I would seriously look at it during the recession because with a bit of thought and a surprisingly small business you can exist.. but with a pension as well your setup for life. But what if you don’t have a pension? this is why I do what I do hop in and out of the UK. The thing is not to be fussy on a lot of the work main thing is to get in and get out. Drop into work keep your costs down and take as much of your money as possible out to the Philippines. Unpatriotic? I take it from the point of view there is only being patriotic and British when it suits politicians. I’m proud to be Scottish but not British when you have every politician robbing the vaults on expenses, second homes and anything else they get involved in why would I be bothered with the UK? I already pay heavy taxes on my income and I have interest on paying tax on my savings or investments at such high rates on an imbalanced country that robs the workers to pay for people who bleed the system. You may have noticed that I have got very political lately its pretty much due to the fact of returning to the UK and finding it on its last legs and a big smiling idiot on YouTube telling the people that the latest scandal will be investigated. What a joke.. Is there any way to force an election we all know they are going out and we are in a recession that’s going to take around 3 years to dig out from. If i can get this run done and dusted I can head off happily to the Philippines and back to my family without having to worry about the next few years and possibly look at the ventures I discussed earlier. But the price and rewards can be great.. the time apart its like a constant feeling of being empty, a part of me is missing.. hollow. But the gains afterwards create the foundations of a new future.