Being a housewife in the Philippines

It gets under estimated what women get upto in the Philippines and although I think westerners probably give more praise than most due to Western culture turning away from things being a “woman’s job” and being 50/50 or in many cases the guy doing more than his fair share (don’t quote me on that!) I would say Filipino women get the raw end of the deal on many things.

I look at my wife and several of Aprils friends and they are run ragged most of the time as not only are they doing the household chores, looking after the kids but also working full-time. My wife although mainly at home has 2 kids that are a handful as well as doing the household chores and helping with the sari-sari store while I work. I would like to say to my wife and all the other women out there that are going through the same things that often cause people to run down and feel worn out that I appreciate everything you do and I just hope your partners do. Life isn’t easy bringing up a family especially in this current economic climate and I often think things in the Philippines are drawn out longer than they would be in the UK on purpose. Buying groceries in the UK I go to one supermarket whichever one I choose that week. Normally the one I drive past! here in the Philippines there are daily shopping goods as well as weekly and monthly normally down to a lot of goods being almost out of date when purchased. Add to that getting things like school enrolments and organising things for events at schools or clubs etc. mothers have to be in 2 or 3 places at once. I salute you for it that!

Hang on what about me? To be honest I help as much as I can but my days are starting at 7am and finishing around 11pm – 2am everyday. Its not an easy feat and I do spend time with the kids during the day and going to start taking over some of the kitchen stuff to allow April to have a break in the afternoons. The kids are up early and sleep late, the problem you get is one is having an adventure in the bathroom messing around with soap while your trying to grab the other from trying to get out the front door and its like that most days. Kids aren’t out of control just a bit young although starting to wonder how much sugar is in this milk in the Philippines as this so called “children’s” powdered milk gives off a shine of high sugar content which for Zoei I am tempted to bin the milk completely and move over to normal foods as I neither trust the Chinese or the Philippines government in its kids milk products. If I notice a huge change in behaviour with Zoei you will be the first to know as the way she gets hyper sometimes does make me wonder if she’s high on sugar.

Anyway just wanted to say to all the women out there you are appreciated at least by me! and to my wife I love you and keep up the good work maybe someday a Yaya will appear like magic (as we do need one).