Been busy lately…

With still struggling without the yaya our hands have been full with the kids so pretty much everything has taken a backburner for a bit. Only thing that seems to be moving forward is the blogging as I have decided to expand out the number of sites I cover but also the amount of things I cover to see how that works out as a business venture. Now the thing with blogging as I said in my previous post is its all about putting the time and content in and nothing about a quick sale for profit. Most of the sites are worthless to a company or another individual purely because much of the content is based on its original writer, selling it to someone else will often see the nails in the coffin of the blog. Same could be said for things Google and Yahoo bought from blossoming businesses that turned sour for various reasons.

But what’s my point? Well cutting a long story short I started working on another blog the other day to see where it would go with the Adsense. Not expecting much but the Adsense jumped to $12 a day from around $3 on a regular basis. Doesn’t sound a lot I know but Adsense is a single stream of income not the only one so its a good gauge to see if there will be stimulated interest in the new blogs and there obviously is as its already proven it in literally a day of writing.

A day to x 4 your income on Adsense? I wish! the thing is it will fluctuate as people come and go and as such its dropped down to $5 a day currently but it will spike several times this month as even has several spikes during the month that normally hit $10 generally towards the third week of the month (people must have spare cash to advertise). But anyway if it works I will keep you informed as I know several people are interested in making money online and there is plenty of niche markets out there that haven’t even been touched yet. The main thing though is having enough content to keep it ticking over.

On the other side of things I am finding myself and April are worn out most of the time as we rise around 8am and sleeping at midnight to 2am as the kids interfere with work patterns and the work patterns simply don’t have enough hours in the day. Main thing though is we are still here and starting to see the internet side of things steadily increase on income which is now above $500 a month regularly but will be good to get it over the $1000 mark soon.