Bedbugs in hotel rooms in the Philippines – use a bedbug patch

 When you arrive in the Philippines you often notice something about the resorts and hotel rooms as regards “prompting” staff for things like changing the bed sheets daily. This can be a bit irritating as obviously your paying for room service and expect it. But then again what else are they missing? I have stopped in a few hotels which weren’t up to scratch and the worst even having cigarette butts stubbed out in the shower room floor by the last tenant that they hadn’t cleaned the room yet. If the basics aren’t there what is the chance of bed bugs?

In reality things like being bitten by these little critters can make a hotel stay uncomfortable which is why I have added this post as its happened to me on more than one occassion of things biting me in the middle of the night and more importantly being able to protect the kids from bugs with something natural such as these B1 bedbug patches.