Bed Spacer Or Dorm Rooms A business For The Philippines?

bunk bed

With moving into the lower apartment its easy to see how much space we weren’t using before at the same time how much money we are saving on things like air conditioning. It also made look at the bed spacer option for rentals in the future as most workers looking for cheap rentals don’t need too much to be happy. A lockable closet and a place to rest the head is pretty much it in the room as the bathroom facilities and eating areas are external. Not having too much problems renting the apartments now I don’t want to rent them either mind. Several requests this week already but I am tempted to go down the route of bunk bed rooms for some accommodation in the future simply because people are less of a pain in the backside. Expectations are too high on many of the people looking to rent yet the first thing they ask before they have even viewed the apartments is “can I have discount?” which will normally get a response from me that the property is no longer available. I can’t be hassled with penny pinchers the apartments are furnished, come with free internet and TV for P7,000 on the outskirts of Cebu. Similar elsewhere is around P12,000 yet they want 101 things thrown in for free! Going back to the UK the lower one will stay ours and the upper one is rented to a friend in Texas so no rush on property development. But like I said I am interested in the bunk room concept simply because the people using them are working and generally clean. They are used to the way of life here as well as the fact they are paying a minimum rate for a minimum room. As the money factor here for me in the Philippines is about hassle free lifestyle.

Ideally if looking at bed spacers you need to be near a university,college or mall the money isn’t great expect around P500 – P1000 a month income per person at the same time supplying a very basic room with a bulb and a lick of paint is what is on offer. Fans,extra lights etc. are all extras.

But also got me into the realms of what is going on with backpackers? The Philippines doesn’t seem fully geared towards travellers and setting up YMCA type lodgings around the country might actually heavily improve tourism as it allows people easy access to accommodation.