Becoming an Expat YouTube millionaire

Is it easy to become an expat YouTube millionaire? The reality is its not about the short haul but long. Its why starting today and building on it weekly is important. Adding to that its also about creating a path as life interest is something people like to follow. Reality TV shows are big business because people like following what others are upto. So the prep stuff can be as interesting as the actual new life.

At the same time its not a race its a journey, a short sprint will generate pretty much nothing. Yet if you put time into it and do it for “fun” you will find that it will grow over time. It could take years but within the first year very likely you will start breaking $100 a month or maybe even a bit more. Yes some people hit on the big stuff and to be honest most of the “big hits” on YouTube are on things I have no interest in such as rap music, how to do my hair etc (from a guy who has had short back and sides hair cuts since childhood!). But this is more about doing something you enjoy than making money.

Outtro credit –
“Daily Beetle” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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