Became a godfather yesterday

Another busy day as we had a lot of stuff going on early in the morning including sorting out a new printer for the netcafe. Gone from inkjet to laser. By the early afternoon its time to head off to church as was invited to be Godfather of our friends Venice and Nicky’s new family addition Andy Marco. It’s surprising how complex the church make it as the venue was moved from the Minglanilla church to Lipata due to the “requirement” that god parents need to go to a seminar the Sunday before. Which didn’t fit into peoples busy schedules as some people were from abroad and others are not readily available two weekends on the trot due to work schedules etc. Lipata on the other hand done the Seminar before the ceremony. Now my first confusion was why does god parents even need to have a seminar? As the rest of the God parents are already Christian and I am probably the hardest person the church will find to convert as I feel offended that people are even trying to change my religion as I do not interfere with theirs. Whatever it was (I didn’t go) I don’t think its really needed as all the members who were god parents except for me are Catholics already. Why didn’t I go? well firstly I don’t like being preached to in a manner that is trying to change my religion but secondly it was in Cebuano.

The event went well though and wasn’t such a long service. I remember when Zoei was Christened there was at least another 20 kids being christened at the same time. This service was a private one and we were all on our way out within 40mins. Bit strange being a godfather as it was a privilege to be asked and unexpected.

With the ceremony over it was time to head back to Venice and Nicky’s place for the food and drinks. The catering had also done curry which was appreciated as I have no doubt Venice and Nicky had asked for it on my behalf big thanks 🙂 as it may surprise most people that I don’t eat pork. Or should I say I eat sausages and bacon but the rest isn’t for me just not to my taste buds. A few hours on of Videoke and Tanduay it was time to head home. Another great party with friends..

2 comments for “Became a godfather yesterday

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    July 18, 2010 at 5:03 am

    I can understand a church having its place in society but often it encroaches on things it shouldnt do. The seminar thing is a prime example as I wasn't at it but “googling” other such seminars it seems its a sales pitch to bring in new members. But I can't see the point when everyone at the seminar in the first place was Catholic. I did not go to be Godfather for the benefit of the church I went on behalf of my friends. Its an important event for them and the priority should have been to make the day eventful for them and their son Andy Marco.
    Venice and Nicky are good friends of ours so happy to be a god parent.

  2. Andrew Swarbrick
    July 18, 2010 at 5:01 am

    Interesting post mate, personally I have been asked to be a god parent twice since I have been here, but that is generally because that over here they try and pick people who have some money so I don’t usually do it. As for the church side of things, you know my views bunch of corrupt evil people who look after no one but themselves, the money they take from people here is criminal, given that most people that give, have very little to give. If the church was not so ingrained it would be seen as a mafia always praying on the weak.