Beautifying the area in small steps

hanging baskets - PhilippinesTrying to get things moving in a better direction to get people to start looking after the area instead of destroying it is always an uphill struggle but doing it in small steps is hopefully going to encourage others to get involved as well. Today we added some hanging baskets from the balcony that will slowly start to fill out then over hang covering the baskets and give a bit of a natural greenery to the road.

The uphill struggles so far have been goats not being supervised just wandering into the garden which killed several plants as well as all the flowers being eaten. Capturing one of the goats then waiting for the owner to come and collect it has put a stop to that issue.

Next was the invasion of the chickens which are Aprils fathers and do take a likeness to pepper leaves all those had to be rescued potted and now live on the wall at the Sari-Sari out of reach.

Then the tomato thief that stole all the crop from our largest plant yet which was frustrating as they had yielded the best crop nothing worse than seeing it all being stolen. That plant has now been moved and another good reason for having a container garden is the ability to move things away from easy access.

Last weekend and today was another issue which are puppies one wandered in today and swiftly realised trying to bite the flowers were not a good idea and last weekend seen another dog find its way through half a tomato plant.

All minor issues but all simply shouldn’t be happening if its like this on a small scale project I can see why many people on farms etc. simply don’t bother or give up as it needs everyone to do their part as well as respect boundaries.

I am currently trying to source some trees for the lower part of this road as it will also allow some shade but its been a little odd so far this year as the plant nurseries we know of have closed down which means we have to go further afield and not looking forward to riding a motorbike with a tree as a passenger.

The majority of posts to do with gardening though will now move over to as its an area about to be expanded out in multiple directions which is a bit unfair on readers not interested on gardening to be bombarded with gardening questions and posts. So setup a separate blog to deal with that issue.