Beautifying an area in the Tropics

What I find in many areas of the world is that outside of the walls of their home they regard as not theirs or government giving a total disregard of anything that happens there which is what can lead to decay in an area. This is mainly caused by nobody wanting to take responsibility or that the task ahead is too big for one person to take the burden of job or cost on. Where we live we have a similar problem as generally people will look after everything up until it reaches their compound walls and then it becomes no mans land. Here you can see our attempts to start making a difference in the neighbourhood here in Cebu, Philippines by the addition of several tropical plants. The hanging baskets will eventually be covered once the plants mature adding a bit of green contrast to the lower balcony and my mother in law took the initative today during one of the few days of rain we seem to have to get some bushes started along the roadside. We have been overcast for the last 3 days and hopefully with the added rainfall all the plants are off to a good head start. The next stage will be to get the bits of steel cut off that are sticking out the side the building before giving the whole building a fresh coat of paint. Its been a year since the original paint went on as well as the last two sections of wall being finished (as you can see the grey in the first photo where the people are).

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