The continuing struggle of helping beautify the street

I was busy painting yesterday on the upper balcony with a top coat of white paint preparing for the new tenants arrival when I noticed someone happily just lobbing his manhood out and urinating in the bushes opposite. It may not seem that important to other people that someone was doing this in the middle of the street in the afternoon while kids played on the other side of the fence he was urinating on but just made me think of the UK and the same thing would get you on the sex offenders list for exposing yourself to children. But anyway at least the hanging baskets are out of reach and moving on from that incident it was good too see my mother in-law is also taking the initative which is where all the plants have appeared in a new bed in front of the wall. They normally grow to around 3ft tall and form a bush when developed enough so I am hoping they take well and luckily enough we have had some rainfall this week and the sun hasn’t been so high giving them a fighting chance of survival. Next step once the apartment is finished its refurbishment upstairs is to cut all the excess steel sticking out the building and paint the exterior walls. I am thinking though it may pay to stone the lower part of the walls due to the mud and dust flicking up from the road as it would be easier to just wash down once a month.

On top of that we have also talked a peddle cab driver to bring us sacks of rock at P10 each and he’s slowly starting to fill the road in. The repair that was done with the money collected before with the soil and sand has not only had the majority of it wash away but that what is left has formed ridges making the road difficult to pass in bad weather. Not to worry though we are starting with the bad spots first so won’t be long until that’s sorted out. At the same time looking to get some letters out this week based on plastic collection as most of the neighbourhood sells its plastic to people who come into the street. Requesting that all plastic money goes towards fixing the road to at least its rock filled. After that discussions can open up about how to add concrete or whatever sections they want to put on the top to finish the road off. Main thing is though things are still plodding along just hoping others start to get more involved as it benefits everyone in the long run. Having a nice neighbourhood and a clean environment are something I strive for and I hope others feel the same.

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