Its a saying in the UK.. Bullshit Baffles Brains.. and its a conversation that I want to cover regarding a lot of the forums on the internet relating to expats in the Philippines. There is always negative posts regarding opening a business here (If you want to have a small business start with a big one!! etc.) truth is its crap… I would ask you to look at it from another perspective. I’m good at business I’ve been successful.. why would I come to the Philippines to start a business?? Truth is you wouldn’t. Why? because its an unknown market if your reading this blog for example you haven’t a clue about the Philippines (in 90% of most visitors) so why would you succeed? The Philippines has many issues with corruption especially in business the best way to protect yourself is swim with bigger fish. In the UK I experienced  it in Malvern where I got a lot of headaches from council workers because I had a business not because I’m a problem to the public or any other reason except that I was a lot cheaper than my competitor who had been in Malvern for decades, I wont go into names but if your buying a bed or furniture in Malvern you know who I am talking about! Well its the same for the Philippines. You want to swim in an ocean of sharks you need to move as a shoal. Get into a mall or get a business where your wife has influence. Dropping into the Philippines and saying I have cash and I will do this in any other way is like swimming into a sharks lair covered in blood. There is a miss conception in the Philippines that most people want to screw you over for cash. The truth is they carry the political power that can secure your business better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.