Basketball in Cebu City at the Colisseum MLhullier – Tournament of the Philippines

Tournament of the Philippines

Another entertaining night of basketball. I often wonder why I never see any other foreigners at the matches. The games are fast paced and plenty of good gameplay. You get to see some of the top local players at a low ticket rate. Can sit courtside for P200. Aprils Cousin also plays for M L Hullier which is another reason me and Aprils father follow the local games. The one thing I can say though is the teams seem fairly balanced. Although M LHullier has the upper hand on its team a lot of the time a few mistakes and the game suddenly goes from an easy win to a faced paced competition. A good night out if you like sports.

The other thing that I love is that its improving my photography as I am being forced to learn about my camera to get clearer shots. Also as I have found getting the better camera setup I start to improve how I take the photos and the general quality is improving anyway hope you enjoy the photos and if your in town go watch a game!