Banguet Bus crash forces DPWH to check road conditions

A bus crash that resulted in the death of at least 42 people on Wednesday has forced the (WPWH) Department of Public Works and Highways to carry out an inspection of the road conditions in the Cordillera Autonomous region. They will mainly be checking that there is adequate signage for the route especially in dangerous spots such as where the bus plunged into a deep ravine carrying 51 passengers. Only nine of the passengers survived which included the bus driver and conductor.

Most of the passengers died instantly when the bus plunged into a 100 foot deep ravine off the Naguilian Road in Sablan town. The bus was La Union bound Eso-Nice from Baguio.

The initial investigation showed that the incident occurred around 9:22 a.m. Wednesday, when the Eso-Nice passenger bus (with plate number AVB-549, body number 80), bound for San Fernando, La Union, fell into the ravine.

Amongst those that died were four Americans of Filipino heritage, members of the same family and one Indian national.

Around 500 volunteers carried out a rescue operation through thick vegetation and solid rock hoping to find survivors. The accident site is the same location of another crash that happened in 1999 which killed 30 people and injured another 19.

The majority of passengers have been identified but 15 still remain unidentified and currently Police are carrying out searches of baggage from the wreckage in the hope of being able to identify the remaining passengers.

The majority of the dead have been taken to La Funeraria Paz in Baguio City.