Bananas From The Mountain

Philippines bananasOur mountain lot which we don’t go up to too often someone asked if they could use the lot for planting corn. Not really an issue except the neighbour who added a gate so they can use our lot for their laundry (fully functional metal gate through the hollow block wall. But anyway a tricycle turned up today unexpectedly with two large bunches of bananas one of which is in the photo.

That’s something that is always a bit odd as with one hand someone will travel down the mountains to give you the harvest from the banana plants at the same time the other neighbour uses and abuses the lot because we aren’t there. I find the Philippines like that often where something will make you smile yet within near enough the same time frame something is like a slap in the face.

The bananas by the way if you come across them aren’t for eating off the bunch but need boiling first before eating.