Bamboo furniture in the Philippines

Philippines bamboo furnitureThere is good furniture around but like anything worthwhile it doesn’t come cheap but what does though is bamboo furniture this bedside table and double bed cost around P1,800 although not 100% termite proof they are robust and good for a few years the apartment rentals we are helping rent at P6,000 a month are purely bamboo furniture and have been there for years without termite abuse. Not sure if its that the area is built up over the years as before Aprils parents house used to be the only building here the rest was just corn fields. But either way the beds are pretty solid and a good investment of P1,800. Only issue is they are a little short compared to Western heights so over 6ft you may struggle.

At the same place mind they also do the 2+2+Table which is a 2 seater bamboo settee with 2 bamboo chairs and a coffee table for P1800 as well which seems a fair price and will probably pick a setup next week and split it between apartment 1 and 2.