bag safe ideal for traveling the Philippines


Looking at the bag it doesn’t look much itself and to be honest its the best way things to be in the Philippines. What I am aware of not only here in Cebu but other parts of the Philippines is the use of razors to slash bags and then your stuff drops out of the bag safely caught in someone’s hands before they run off with your expensive equipment. So what can you do to stop it when its unlikely you can stop your bag actually being slashed in the first place?

Another issue similar problem you want to go down to the hotel restaurant but you don’t want to carry everything with you but worried your camera will be stolen if you leave it in your room (as one reader reported this month of that exact thing happening by a hotel employee in Cebu). How about this bag that you haven’t really taken much notice of except if maybe I added the picture below.

Bag safe

May not look much but now you have a small secure safe which can also be placed in a backpack to keep things secure. Its actually got a secure cage built into the bag which can take up to a laptop in size (15.4”).

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