Badian – Cebu

 Badian is located 97.6km Southwest of Cebu city. Badian came from the name of a plant  called “badyang, which was once abundant in the area. The “g” was eventually dropped and the “y” became “i” as the Spaniards found it difficult to say. Its a pretty rugged area mainly mountains and hills generally commuting is done via jeepneys and tricycles.

Badian has its own “Badian Island Resort And Spa” the resort has its own sandy beaches a natural spa and a diving center for the more adventurous. But the most famous sight in the area is Kawasan Falls one of the many waterfalls in the area that help to make up the Matutinao River. The Kawasans Nature park is the entry point to the river and kabokalan springs is around 2km uphill toward the Matutinao River Canyon.

The trek isnt suitable for the unfit not only due to the heat but the distance and type of trail. It will take roughly 25mins.

You can reach Badian by either hiring a taxi for the day, Vhire or just grabbing a bus from Cebus southern terminal which head this way every hour.

The rafts can be rented and you can head under the waterfalls. One of the must see attractions in Cebu. A real feeling of entering the forest can be felt as you head up the trail to the falls.