Bad publicity is destructive publicity for the Philippines

With the recent massacre and issues with the election coming up everything coming out of the Philippines seems to be bad news. The previous stories to those were the typhoons and the destruction caused. So what is positive going on in the Philippines? I have been out working in the UK for 8 months so really need your help to update this article. So while I await that I will fill in some of the problems the recent issues have caused.

Since I have been going to the Philippines and inviting friends there has always been things thrown in the mix to stop them going. Paranoid of kidnappings which do happen but generally Cebu is pretty quiet on that front and as a TOURIST nobody really bothers you as its business people the kidnappers want for ransoms. Not an excuse but in all honesty most people are concerned about your well being rather than trying to do harm to you. The thing is I look at most things as being half drunk in a bar I don’t know. Generally you wont give up much information because you don’t know the area and just be polite to avoid offending anyone but most importantly keep your wits about you. Do that its unlikely anyone will bother you and if you have friends in the Philippines they will keep you safe.

Bad weather is another major reason that stops people going. But Cebu rarely gets any bad weather in the whole time I have been there I have experienced mild flooding at worst. If your on Luzon ( Manila`s island) then I would say be more cautious same as being in more remote areas but Cebu city and the nearby towns and cities are fairly stable and never had any real problems due to weather.

Disease and shots is probably the final most common question and reason. Lets put it this way I don’t take malaria tablets anything for Typhoid or anything else but if you don’t feel 100% about it go to your GP but personally only thing that worries me is Dengue which I have had a bad case of once and a mild case the second time. All in all its just a lot of common sense things like not having ice in your drinks and even that isn’t as bad as it used to be. Wipe the tops of things like cans of coke before drinking it. But generally I haven’t had any major problems infact I have had food poisoning in the UK more than anything I have had in the Philippines.