Bad neighbours in the Philippines

muppets bad neighbours Its not all people but know of more than a few people that have had the same issues. Maybe not in the same way but a common one is people destroying fences because they are too lazy to walk round, so make a path through your lot to get where they are going.

In this instance they have ripped down the side of fence next to the gate as it appears they head off the side of the hill to collect firewood or something else. Its not just Foreigners who suffer with this problem though the bad neighbours in the Philippines affects everyone in some way. Be it urinating in the street or squatting on private land whatever it is ends up counterproductive and affecting others around them.

Adding to the issue of the fence what you can’t see on the video is they are pumping waste from their piggery into the lot when they wash it out the crap pours into our land. Not our problem and I believe its possibly illegal to be doing this these days due to restriction changes on having pigs. At the same time they have made life a little more convenient for hanging out washing in our lot by adding themselves a nice gate.

Big question is how do you deal with the bad neighbours in the Philippines? because I know some people out there will jump to the defence saying if you don’t like it go home. Really that’s the best answer?? I go home and maybe other countries do the same and 10 million Filipinos go home and we are all happy or is the Philippines bankrupt?

In reality we are living in a modern world and these problems are not just mine they are yours as well I have seen stuff this week between different people that amazes me of the brass neck some people have in assuming they can just do what they want. That’s without even mentioning the current bishops scandal that’s hit the press to do with the free cars and Ayala shares.

I’m lucky in the fact we don’t use the lot although that is probably the main problem as it seems understanding “owned space” is not for use when the owner is away seems to not even be thought of. But we do have a small farmer wanting to plant corn there, in return we will look to fence it all off including the lovely metal gate and make him responsible for keeping everyone else out. Seems a fair deal for no rent charged and the lot isn’t worth having a full-time caretaker on just for annoying neighbours.