Bad feet and cracked heals in the Philippines

One of my biggest problems is the dust and dryness tied with the fact I wear Flip flops or locally known as Chinelas (pronounced ‘chi-ne-las’, meaning sandals in Spanish) most of the time meaning my feet get a severe beating most days. I rarely wear shoes which means I also rarely wear socks so even when im in the house wondering around its feet to the tile. So I can say from experience but also I know a lot of other people out there are having the same problem so I came across this article you might find very useful :-

Cracked heels are a result of your ignorance towards your feet. If you look after and pamper your skin, your hair, your face but not your hands and feet then your beauty is incomplete. Even if you look the best in the crowd with your beauty and appearance but your feet are peeing ugly and unclean out of your shoes then your entire beauty is a waste.

Because it will spoil your overall look. Just after caring a little about your feet, you can make them healthy and looking as beautiful as your face looks. Dirty feet, cracked heels, and not well defined toenails decreases your beauty no matter how beautiful your face is. So giving a little attention to your feet can make lots of changes in your beauty and appearance. You just need to give them your little time if not everyday then at least once a week.

  • First think to do is drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrate. It will keep your skin soft and supple and skin will not get as dry to get cuts and cracks.

  • Always wash your feet properly whenever you come from outside. Sleep after washing your feet.

  • Soak your feet in lukewarm water with a little soap in it. It will loosen the tight dead skin from your soles and heels.

  • Use foot scrubber to scrub the dead skin and brush away the dead skin with a small brush meant for feet.

  • Rubbing pumic stone too is helpful in clearing the dead dull skin.

  • Wipe your feet and massage foot cream on them. You can even apply petroleum jelly or your daily body lotion on your feet.

  • Always keep the nails cut and well shaped.

  • If you are already getting cracked heels on your feet then regularly scrub away the dead skin and apply foot cream, which is made for cracked heels. Such creams are easily available at any chemist store.

  • Best way to soften the hard skin on heels and reduce the cracks is soaking feet in Luke warm water for 5-10 minutes then scrubbing the dead skin and then applying the foot cream on the heels before going to bead. Then wear cotton soaks on your feet throughout the night that way skin will absorb the moister and the cracks of the heels will heal faster.

  • If your cracked heels are really bad and giving you pain then try this remedy to heal them. Melt paraffin wax and mix it with a little coconut oil. Fill this mixture into your cracked heels while going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. Filling this wax in your cracks for at least 10 days will fill the gap a lot and pain will be very less.

  • To avoid foot pain wear shoes, which are right, size for your feet. Tight or loose shoes create problems for the feet. You should go to buy new shoes in the evening because that is the time when there is water retention in the body and you will come to know the exact size of your feet.

  • You can spray foot spray or powder in your shoes while putting your feet in.

  • Never wear shoes in wet legs and never wear wet soaks.

  • Do not cut or itch if you get athlete’s foot or some other skin problem in your feet or between your toes. Seek medical help and keep hygiene.

  • Rubbing onion oil on the skin rashes and itches is quite helpful.

  • To avoid the cracks of your heels keep scrubbing the dead hard skin regularly and keep applying moisturizers or petroleum jelly to your feet, which will prevent your heels from getting cracks.

  • If there is pain in your feet then soak them in hot water with salt added to it and alter the feet in cold water. Doing this therapy for half and hour improves the blood circulation and relieves the pain.

  • Massage the feet and put pressure on the points.

  • Walk on the grass barefoot early morning. It rejuvenates the feet and improves the eyesight.

  • Do not wear uncomfortable shoes just to show. Wear the shoes you are comfortable in. avoid wearing tight shoes and high heels if there is pain in your feet.

Cracks in the heels occur due to the dryness of the skin. Our palms and feet are the area where skin produces no oil so they are usually dry. We need to feed them moister by applying sufficient moister on them. While the skin of the palms is soft, the skin of the feet is hard so it requires more care. If regular cleaning of the skin has been done by removing the dead skin, there are very few chances to get cracked heels. Still if you get cracked heels even after scrubbing the dead skin and applying moisturizers, then do not ignore the first sign of cracks that are fine lines on the heels.

As soon as you see them start applying crack creams on your heels and drink lots of water. If there is dryness in your body, it will show off on your skin. Drinking water is the best way to keep the skin moist.

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  1. How to Heal Cracked Heels
    September 30, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    I didn’t think that I could easily take care of my cracked heels. I turned out to be pretty easy. I didn’t get rid of the problem, the foot cream has to be part of the routine.

    Same thing happened to me when I moved to Mexico ! Living in sandals in the dry heat…