Bad drivers, poor maintenance and lack of common sense cause most road accidents in the Philippines

You have probably been aware of the flurry of accidents this year that killed a lot of people all in a close time period. But tonight I was out on my motorcycle during a power cut (brown out) which seemed to magnify the risks as people seemed to take even less care than they would if they could see where they were going.

The Fiesta is present in Minglanilla at the moment and as I headed round the back of the market towards Tulay the first experience of bad driving was the lack of control in a free for all as the crossroad was not only congested but people bullying their way through without any co-ordination of road rules. Quick breaking happened as a tricycle pulled out in front of me without looking cutting me up.

As I headed less than 30 yards from the first stoppage I began to accelerate back to moving again just as teenagers were messing around in a compound and resulted in one of them running straight out across the road in front of me without even looking at any traffic another EMERGENCY STOP.

I headed back off again trying to get back to home and out of the chaos running down the back way to lower calajo-an. Had to do another quick stop as a dog wandered out in front of me. Most dogs generally will back off if they see a vehicle but this one didn’t nearly ended up with a tyre mark going through the middle of it. Escaping from there I wasn’t far from from so as I reached the main road and the bad luck I had so far I wasn’t keen to stop anywhere on the main road that I had to cross. Traffic seemed to be moving faster than normal and the buses and heavy trucks were overtaking on the wrong side of the road as usual so I headed down near to the small hospital on the right hand side so I could U turn when the traffic was quiet to get round safe.

As  I waited I noticed the speed of the movement of traffic and the disregard people seemed to have for the fact they can’t see. All the street lights are out as well as the houses. You would have expected a bit of common sense to reduce the speed a little at least in a built up area but nope.. wrong side of the road, fast as you can is the call of the day.

A gap opened up in the traffic on both sides so I U-Turned so I could head home what happened next was not only unexpected but I was lucky.. A motorcycle was travelling up the wrong side of the road with no lights on, I was half way through a U-Turn when he realised I was there at which point he switched his headlight on.. the idiot even had lights! obviously didn’t want to waste the bulb. I swerved to avoid him and ended up spun out on the road. Picked myself up and headed home. As I got to my house turn I noticed eyes looking at me it was a peddle cab on the wrong side of the road laiden with passengers another vehicle no, lights and at least if a truck hit it I suppose they could say they would have known what hit them.

I wonder why so little common sense is used on the roads as pedestrians and motorists alike seem to put themselves and others at more risk without much reason behind it. the poor maintenance I can understand with some things as there isn’t a lot of money in it. Doesn’t mean I agree with it just that I can understand why things don’t get done. But driving with no lights? No reflectors? On the wrong side of the road? Walking or running out into traffic without any thought?

Like to thank the moron that knocked me off my bike for being idiot of the day and no doubt he learned nothing from the incident. Lucky I only had a few scrapes and bruises and that I waited for the road to be clear otherwise could have been a lot worse.