Bad Case Of Unskilled Worker

Today was one of those days where I had geared up to do something to find  I ended up spending most of it in a tool kit fixing something that someone else had caused. Simple problem but as usual becomes time consuming, in this case it was a puncture I had repaired the other day on the scooter.  I had noticed that the vehicle had become noisy on the way home and why? because they hadn’t adjusted the disc brake after removing the wheel locking it on permanently.

By the time we found tools to unlock the wheel (as it had been put on with an air wrench) it was too late to get out and do some photos. Hopefully today won’t be a complete waste as there is a basketball match down in Carcar but awaiting confirmation on time and location before we can head off. Irritating thing about the tyre though is its an obvious one to release the calliper when doing which does make me wonder how often does this happen? How many repairs are needed down to poor understanding of how something works in the first place? Can’t really blame the guys who work there as they obviously haven’t been trained properly which all gets back to a brain drain on most things as eventually skills will disappear.

Luckily the disc isn’t badly damaged because I haven’t needed the scooter just the issue of repairing someone else repair who was repairing something else, does become too common a problem here in the Philippines as you end up doing everything yourself because let someone else loose you often end up with more problems than its worth. Another example of that was when I had Ian over a fellow Scot when showing him where to park could see the alignment on his tyres was out which had worn his rear tyres on the inside. Oddly enough another person who had recently come out of the garage and his vehicle had also been serviced. Stuff stands out like a sore thumb so did they actually service the vehicle at all?

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  1. November 12, 2011 at 5:30 am

    Remind me to use public transport and a good pair of hiking boots! the amount of times I have read about crap mechanics and bad workers in the Philippines is no joke. Obviously no trade and standards or even a bit of caring?