Backpacking in the Philippines

Backing packing in the Philippines is something that doesn’t seem to get any marketing as the tourism industry gears itself towards the rich and not just rich in comparison to the Philippines but people willing to spend hundreds of dollars a night on a hotel room. But what about everyone else? the funny thing is although not developed due to the laid back friendly way of life here even just travelling around you will always find accommodation and often very cheap. A building we stopped in up at San Remigio cost P40 a night which was on the beach. Not to everyone’s cup of tea but that’s the thing you can be slumming it or spending a small fortune on a room or anything in between. On top of that you can get to most places via public transport as it goes virtually everywhere you would want to go and more. Planning ahead of the trip is the important thing as marketing of things to see isn’t great so spending a bit of time listing everywhere you want to go and listing them down by locations is well worth the research. I live here in the Philippines and to be honest always finding new things every time I take a wander somewhere. A lot of the problem is people don’t tell you they just assume everyone knows that a waterfall is within 10minutes walk and very likely wouldn’t suggest it unless you asked about things to see.

One thing is for sure if backpacking in the Philippines taking the time out for at least a month and getting out of the cities to experience the real islands and real people are well worth the extra effort to get off the tourist trail.

2 comments for “Backpacking in the Philippines

  1. Aufloridagirl
    March 15, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    hi matt
    the closes i like to backpacking/camping is taking our little 16 foot molded selfcontained fiberglass casita travel trailer, lol. dont have to worry about spending the night in a smoky room to sleep in or being bitten by bed bugs.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 15, 2011 at 4:58 pm

      Lol.. agree its not for everyone but there are a lot of people out there loving getting around with the hiking boots and a rucksack.