Back on the Tawa-Tawa (milk-milk) plant

The last couple of days have been pretty heavy and starting to get the affects of Dengue although hoping its still just a bug that is going round. The Tawa-Tawa plant is pretty well known to be a cure for Dengue and it healed me before. Its a plant that grows like a weed which is then boiled into a tea. My wife April hides its taste with a mixture of Orange Tang in the mix. What annoys me is the fact most of the Dengue causes are man made. Poor hygiene and lack of responsible disposal of waste creates the breeding grounds for the mosquito’s that carry Dengue. I have seen people even in the netcafe too lazy to open the lid of a bin and throw their disregarded sweet wrappers to the side rather than step on the foot pedal to open the bin. The current affects of being ill have stopped me in my tracks, aching body, burning hands and face, dizzy if walking more than a few steps as well as feeling chills at the same time as burning up.