Baby or bankrupt?

This year we had a new addition to our family our daughter Zoei. Now i want to break this down for people not only for Filipinos that i think the Church should help people think a bit more on birth control but that’s another subject, but also the foreigners that are coming here and either promising the earth and disappearing before a girl finds out you have dumped her with an unwanted child or the Expats/foreigners that are either settling here or have a wife/gf currently going through pregnancy

In the U.S. you are more than likely used to the insurance or other methods of sorting out the costs, in the U.K. its covered by the NHS for free expenses for a pregnant “British citizen”. But what about the Philippines?

Firstly if you have insurance you will be likely paying up front then having to reclaim the costs back.
Secondly the cost is likely to be different at each hospital.
Thirdly doctors not only “overcharge” but provide many medicines which have no proven medical effect such as vitamins at as much as 10x the cost of any western country.

Most importantly if your unhappy about something seek a second opinion from another hospital.
Now regarding experience over the pregnancy period. We found that not only is the doctor we had enjoying her free cruises abroad because she is part of network 21 selling “Vitamins” at very high prices when i say high im talking £50 for vitamins that value around £5 – £10 (for a high brand in the uk). But the fact she sees nothing wrong with persuading patients to buy these goods that have “no proven proof that they medically work”. We changed doctors as soon as our daughter was born.

The cost of labour came in at around P50,000 add that with medical expenses for all the vaccines for the first year of around P30,000 and the buying of all the usual baby stuff you can easily see your heading upwards of £1000. So how do Filipinos do it? Well they either get in severe debt and take loans or they start skipping vaccines or labour is done via local traditional methods. Life isn’t easy here and money is king.

I also came across a guy at  a mall recently who is now a father of a child who is 18 months old. The father is in his late 60s and his wife was taking “birth control pills” so what went wrong?? The doctor was selling capsules with nothing more than sugar inside them. So please be warned on things like this I don’t trust doctors anywhere in the world but here im often thinking twice. If something serious I may just catch a flight out before it got worse.