Baby found in Airplane trash in Manila accuses employer of rape.

63680927-mother-newbornThe 30 year old mother who abandoned a child after giving birth on a plane has said when she visited the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that she was raped by her employer.

The woman had been working as a maid in Qatar when she was raped by her employer and forced to go home by her employers wife. She had managed to hide having labour on the flight only to dump the baby in trash before leaving the plane.

The abandonment of the child the woman claimed was down to being afraid of what her family would think. The baby was then found by a security guard during the unloading of the flight from Bahrain under the courier Gulf Air.

The woman is married with two children left the Philippines in June last year to work in Qatar for three years according to Police Inspector Jeffrey Vincente, her family were very surprised on her return arrival.

The child is doing well and currently Social welfare are trying to confirm the mother as the natural child’s parent via DNA testing although this will take upto a month to confirm. There have been over twenty couples offer to adopt the child including people abroad.