association Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines


On November 24, 2007, a group of railways and industrial heritage conservationists met at PnR Mansion and Paco Railroad Station, Paco, Manila to celebrate the 115th year of the opening of the first railroad of the Philippines. On the same occasion, the group voluntarily agreed to form a non-stock and non-profit association under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with the following purpose:
To study, encourage interest and educate the public about the railways and industrial heritage of the Philippines; foster and develop a membership network; to accept, preserve and restore gifts such as data, artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, maps, drawings, plans, ephemera, equipment, building, land and other properties that are part of railways and industrial heritage of the Philippines; to catalogue, safeguard and house such gifts in a library and museum accessible to the public and to rebuild and operate as a tourist attraction a Philippine railway and industrial heritage.
The group named the association Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines, Incorporated and the name of the organization was reserved at the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.
The incorporators of the association are as follows: Milagros T. Brouwers, Karel Jose J. Brouwers, Nicolas Buenafe, Harvey Stephen Smoller, Cealwyn Tagle, Marvin L. Gajardo, Ryan John Tacata, Arnel Caindoy, Jhonny D. Puhyah, William James Sullivan, Alan Hicks, Marvilyn Hicks, Jaime F. Tiongson and Laureano M. Gruta.
Nicolas Buenafe has been elected by the members as Treasurer of the association to act as such until his successor is duly elected and qualified in accordance with the by-laws; and that as such Treasurer, he has been authorized to receive for and in the name and for the benefit of the association all contributions or donations paid or given by the members.
The association further certified that no part of the income which the association may obtain as an incident to its operation shall be distributed as dividends to its members, trustees or officers. Any profit obtained by the association as a result of its operation shall be used for the furtherance of its purpose.
The group’s address is PnR Mansion, 1515 Quirino Avenue, Paco, Manila, Philippines 1007. The Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines, Inc.’s organization office is conveniently located across the street from the historic Paco Railroad Station of the Philippine National Railways.
The Philippine railways historical collection of the members and friends will be housed in the library and museum of the society.
The formation of the society was made possible through the pioneering efforts of Brad Peadon of Australia. When he visited the Philippines in 1999, he observed that there was lack of Philippine railway information. In order to rectify the problem, he formed an Internet forum and mailing list in 2000 and soon people interested in Philippine railways joined the Internet group. Brad Peadon further expanded his efforts and created a website dedicated for Philippine Railways in 2004. To further promote railway and industrial heritage preservation and restoration, the active members of the Internet group and invited non-members met in person last July, 2007 and started the monthly rail inspection trips and organizational meetings. These activities culminated with the incorporation of Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines.