As the numbers of dead from the manila bus incident raised to at least 10 people are wondering what the repercussions will be from Hong Kong and China

As I watched the bus being stormed on video again today and also a training video where SWAT went through the motions of entering a bus without actually entering the bus using tactics I have never seen any other force using it was pretty obvious that the guys who went in can’t be blamed for actions and training as the problems are they have been trained wrong which meant everything beyond that was wrong.

At the same time I wonder why if they weren’t upto the job they didn’t hand over to another team or even brought in Hong Kong’s SDU (Special Duties Unit) to deal with the situation. Why bring in a Chinese specialised unit? there would be some local complaints no doubt with Chinese operating in the Philippines at the same time would have removed the Philippines from responsibility of things going wrong. Also their training and equipment is a lot better which would have increased the chances of survival of the passengers.

I have also read that a “barrage” of gunfire came from the police as the gunman moved towards the front of the vehicle were any of the hostages on the bus killed or injured from friendly fire?

There are a multiple set of problems that have created a political incident with China showed incompetence of the SWAT and their commanders at the same time Hong Kong is stirring wanting answers which has already started to create ripples for OFW’s in Hong Kong. The Philippines government seem to have acted swiftly to try to resolve the political situation at the same time the fact the bundling of the attempted rescue is pretty much blanketing everything else in the Philippines and no doubt China. Another thing that should be learned is to get those journalists and photographers under control the newspapers showing the dead in Hong Kong newspapers is only going to stir up hate and disgust on what happened it goes to show that this sort of practice is neither needed and infact counter productive in such situations. A media blackout should have happened early on especially if the bus was equipped with TV, Radio and the gun man had a cell phone as he could literally see things unfold outside the vehicle on live television.

4 comments for “As the numbers of dead from the manila bus incident raised to at least 10 people are wondering what the repercussions will be from Hong Kong and China

  1. Allan
    August 24, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    There is a member of the police I know that lives just 1 hours drive from Manila that spent 6 years working with Scotland Yard from what he told me he learnt working along side British police I am sure he could have talked him out of that bus.

  2. Andrew_wearing_well
    August 25, 2010 at 12:52 am

    I think we should start to refer to them as the filipino police Farce! If it wasn’t so bad for the people inside it would have been funny the level of incompetence was staggering to see and there should have been a media black out, like any sensible country would have done. I have long held the belief that the Philippines seems to revel in death, why else would the news shows show the bodies of dead people in the street day in day out, it is sick these bodies are someone’s husband, someone’s son or wife or mother. There is no need to show these things they do not help the story, maybe the way these things are show is one of the reasons human life seems so cheap here and why people are not shocked when anyone is killed, instead of the current shrug of the shoulders and then tell a joke and it’s forgotten in mins!

  3. Allan
    August 25, 2010 at 2:59 am

    Normally I agree with not seeing bodies on TV but in a case like this the world needs to see how badly they handle it. Because it is only pressure from other countries that will change it.
    I think this is one that could have easily been resolved by talking it out, a offer of a independent review of his job would most probably gone a long way. As for the police threatening to shoot his brother, I can not work out what good they thought that would do.

  4. Tropicalpenpals
    August 25, 2010 at 4:16 am

    Allan – Regardless if he could have been talked out of the bus or not the people that stormed (loosely termed) the bus weren’t up to the situation. I agree there was more than a fair chance he could have been talked out of it then dealt with but at the same time the mistakes made seemed at all levels.

    I agree with Andrew on a media blackout though especially the aftermath with the bodies there is no need to be showing the images. Especially as its embarrassed the entire country in the police’s inability to function in these pressurised roles.