Argao is situated 67km south from Cebu City. The name Argao goes back to during the Spanish period and belived to have come from the tree “sali-argaw” that grew in abundance in the coastal area of that time. Argao itself is made up of plains and flatlands in urban and highway areas. While the central area is mountainous and very steep. 

Places to visit are Mahayahay beach and the municipal church. We found it difficult to locate the beach on our visit and it decide to rain heavily. Which cant really be seen from the photo as we are stood under a huge tree.

The church belongs to the San Miguel Archangel Parish. Construction began in 1734 and was completed in 1788 this very beautiful Rococo-Baroque Church  then renovated in 1988 for its bicentennial celebrations.

Getting to Argoa is pretty easy once you hit the southern coastal road just keep going South! Otherwise you can grab a bus from the Cebu South Bus terminal which leaves every hour. Otherwise private hire is also available at the terminal for minibus. But another option maybe just to hire a taxi cab for the day and negotiate a deal. A bit of advice with taxi drivers please take the registration and text it to a friend when you take a journey. Making the taxi driver aware of what you are doing. I dont know anyone personally who has been robbed by a taxi driver as ive found the only robbery is when they try to bump the fare up sometimes but prevention is always better than cure. Another attraction which is a little off the beaten track in Argao is the Riverstone castle which is built from  river stone as you have probably guessed with the name. We found the castle itself a bit of a disappointment from outside so we didnt venture in. So anyone who has and would like to share theyre experience/photos please do!