Are Western women the next sexpats for the Philippines?

I was talking today with Kento a friend of mine about western women and tourism which managed to move off tangent to the fact many Japanese women go to Thailand for sex holidays which originally started with Japanese business men being there on business leaving the wife to her own devices during the day which eventually started to see the Japanese women entering gay bars and buying the young guys drinks and it moved from that to the obvious then telling others back in Japan that sprung the trade of Japanese women going to Thailand for Sexpat holidays.

The same conversation also got onto Jamaica as I had watched a documentary several years ago about German divorced or widowed women who not only had cash they had time on their hands and had their Jamaican boyfriends they would fly in to see for a few weeks to a few months a year on a regular basis which they were very open about and when talking to the guys during the documentary they had up to 6 girlfriends that sent them regular gifts and money to take care of them.

Question is does the same happen in the Philippines or is it likely to?