Are there more bad Filipino–Foreigner marriages than good?

This is something I think is very important to cover as the Filipino-Foreigner marriages often get seen as failures and I know from a male perspective the majority of people blame it on the female but the truth is ask how many of the guys getting married have been married before and generally they have had several wives.

In reality there are many happily married people out there although even in standard western societies marriages are failing all the time and in the UK its normally happening around the early 40s in age. Midlife crisis or more the fact people start to re-evaluate life as they near retirement could be the cause either way sad to say divorce is part of life.

But on the other hand how many people spend time making sure they are compatible as I see it very often when guys meet the first girl from the airport or someone they have been chatting to online and quickly decide “this is the one” without co-habiting or even getting to know what makes each of them tick. Its one of the points I try to make to people but often get ignored when I say there is nothing to say “you have to get married” in reality if your religious or your partner is they should also know its a life long commitment and understand that marriage comes after courtship not courtship being the planning of the wedding.

In reality though I know many people who are happily married and do travel worldwide as I hear it often “don’t take your wife to your home country!” mainly down to two reasons first one paranoid that the wife will take 50% of everything now she has access to it and looking for a swift divorce and the other her mind being corrupted by western civilisation and generally by Filipina’s already living in the West. These may all be true in some measure at the same time I wonder if your biggest dream was to see the world and the one you loved held the key but would never release it to you would you be happy? I have no fears of things going badly wrong with April if we went to the UK in fact my biggest interest in doing so is seeing April experience the country same as when we will begin to travel to other places. If you can’t fulfil a marriage 100% why get married at all.