Are petrol stations different in the Philippines?

shell station cebu

The service at the petrol stations in the Philippines is a lot better than you would ever get in the UK. If you look closely on the photo you will see three pump attendants waiting for customers chatting. In the Philippines when you arrive at a pump you just wind your window down and hand over your keys telling the attendant how much fuel you want. Once refuelled just give them the amount then they will go and get your receipt and change. A lazy mans garage that is for sure. But I have yet to come across any of the fuel stations that don’t do this kind of service and for the amount we pay in the UK with the tax duty on it a similar service could probably be viable rather than the guy working a nightshift after working somewhere else in the day with his feet on the counter. Having to bang the window to wake them up so you can get petrol. Ok not all UK petrol stations are that bad I had that experience in London around 4am at around 8 fuel stations as I had gotten lost and needed some directions back to a main motorway. End result was looking for it myself.. as most of the attendants either had only been between the garage and the airport or didn’t speak English. Give me the Philippines petrol stations any day! cheap fuel and good service. Also nearly forgot to add nearly all do free air and windscreen cleaning services..