Are Filipino women better than Western women?

Its a very common argument and reason for people being in the Philippines the fact Filipino women are better than western but is it true?

First thing is that the women of the Philippines are very beautiful but then I start to look at the age groupings and the fact people forget the number of OFW women which make up the 35+ bracket majority who are abroad. Generally the population you have in the Philippines are the very old, kids and the teens to around 30 age group. The same reason there seems to be a lot of young males here as their parents and older siblings are working abroad. I do know and have met a lot of people over time and the middle age spread happens to nearly everyone in some way. People forget their new girlfriend is probably around the same age group as when they met their ex-wife difference is they are 20+ years older. The only difference is opportunity as a 20 something girl in the West isn’t likely to take notice of the average expat where Filipino women generally take a strong interest in foreign men.

Attitudes do differ at the same time I think although the western women often get bitter and annoyed with things I have heard of and come across a large number of expats murdered by Filipina’s which does make you wonder is that cute child like manner appealing or that there is more risk of a child like uncontrollable temper under some of the women’s skin. Haven’t met a western women I would even think would murder anyone those who have been cheated on have had their sole ripped out and generally likely to just go for the court case to make the ex feel the pain but here there is no guarantee how it will end which leads me to the next point.

In the West like the UK and US women’s rights dominate society with a guaranteed 50% if not more in many cases as well as control of the children including access rights and travel rights. At the same time here in the Philippines ex wife’s don’t have the same rights and if not backed by money they have very few rights at all. Which may explain the kitchen knife block coming out if the woman put everything she got into a marriage to find she’s got a drunk womanizing husband who’s decided to leave her with the 4 kids to go with his new girlfriend.

On the other hand western guys good and bad are escaping to the east where they are out of reach of lawyers for child support as well as the fact after losing their last life financially they don’t want to be eaten alive again by another lawyer especially if they couldn’t afford another divorce. Having the rights being in favour of the male can pretty much be taken to the bank without risk in the Philippines which is obviously one of the main reasons people come here.

One thing people do forget is good conversation though as I know many people become isolated as the types of conversations they have with their wife are pretty formal without in depth interest or conversations due to being so many leagues apart in politics, international life and even general interests because most people have very insular lives in the Philippines. Only people that really understand it need to have come from outside which is why expats group together and can also have good conversations with OFWs that are visiting because of the broader view on the world. At the same time I do think a lot of the guys don’t adapt either to the relationships by taking on localized interests such as gardening, cooking, diving things that their partner can do and experience.

For myself I think Western women get a bit of a raw deal as they aren’t as bad as made out. The women’s rights are a problem in the UK/US where things that in common sense are unfair yet laws pretty much give them everything on a plate regardless makes them assume its a right, yet nobody seems to recognize that these reasons are why people left, why men are trying to stay single so they don’t risk their assets such as their homes. Only thing these rights have done is guarantee the destruction of the family unit in the West. Doesn’t mean the Philippines has it right either with its male dominated laws and rights it just means both are wrong. It also means that many people assume they got a raw deal in the West yet deserve to have it their own way in the East yet in reality two wrongs don’t make a right. Common sense has been removed from many of the world societies these days and its why the world seems to be falling into chaos. I think if you introduced the rights women have in the West to the Philippines the same problems would exist and its while they don’t men are flocking here especially those retired and looking to live out their pension in peace.