Are British – Filipino marriages treated differently in the UK?

The reason I ask this question is that I have met a lot of British guys who are married to Filipinas who have all had their spouses visas rejected. I’m wondering are we as British people being treated like second class citizens for that reason and does racism exist in the British Immigration service??

I have seen it on many occasions,

I took a trip to Germany via coach which was owned by a British tour operator with British tourists.. Got stopped leaving the UK and entering but French, Belgium, German and Dutch coaches weren’t? Is this right  we are treated as second class to amuse immigration so they can be seen to be doing they’re job when infact they are avoiding it? Are they worried if someone was from a different race or nation they may yell racism??

Last trip back to the UK after having to put up with a around 10 annoying kids from a group of Somalians I’m not sure why my plane was so full of other nationals but there weren’t many "white” people on the plane not that I mind just having screaming kids for nearly 10 hours isn’t what I paid for and it seems culturally they let the kids do what they want. Either way I arrived at Gatwick a lot more tired than I boarded the original plane. Grabbed my luggage and headed to the customs.. As I walked towards the area I noticed that a customs official had already singled me out looking behind me I noticed that I was the only “white” face in the crowd, I don’t mind as I don’t have anything to declare infact my bag only had another bag inside because I don’t need my clothes in the UK as I have another set there already. Got through customs and just thinking where did it all go wrong? Equality.. I was waiting to be tagged and thrown in a sell for being white. I’m not a racist but I feel I’m being singled out for being white and its not just me feeling that way I have many friends who are like me like “equality” where equal means EQUAL not pick and choose which is what is really happening.

I hear of the police lowering its standards to allow more people from ethnic backgrounds to join and lowering the height limit because of issues of other races not being so tall.. But weren’t these standards set for a reason?

I don’t believe its people who migrated who caused these problems and in most cases I think they feel the same about it because its all come about from the 60s where free will and equality came about. The hippies that no doubt started the “revolution” are probably working in social services and other “Civil Servant” jobs and have made the changes that went so far and so successful it screwed everything up.

Either way I believe that with the “anti” immigration and feeling in the UK caused by the huge influx of Eastern Europeans and the Asylum seekers because of all the confused laws the immigration has looked for an easy answer.. US!! we are white British nationals who by right should be allowed to bring our wives to our home nation. But if rejected how can we complain? can we shout racism? Can we be heard?? Simple answer no.. because no one cares and no one wants to listen. But it makes immigration look better on the statistic sheets on the numbers of people it rejected for the year but the truth is its just bull they just take from people who already pay taxes and just want to be with they’re loved ones from the Philippines or other countries..

Sold out by the UK yet again for being white.

2 comments for “Are British – Filipino marriages treated differently in the UK?

  1. Aylene Dayrit Gonzales
    June 25, 2010 at 8:11 am

    hi matt, im wondering why your country allow so many different nationalities (indian, pakistani. arabs muslims etc) on your place yet when you, truly blooded citizens, married filipino, are having a hard time getting your wife home with you? When in any case, these wives should be given “special privileges” (since they married nationals from there) like any other nationalities living in your country now? I heard they are so many by the way.
    I dont understand that either 🙁

  2. Tropicalpenpals
    June 25, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Hi Aylene,
    the problem in the UK is that the government has taken a strong stance on anti-immigration but at the wrong people. The EU guidelines allowed hundreds of thousands of Polish to go to the UK from Poland and other EU countries. Then you have the influx of Africans such as Somalians who plead Asylum, which if your research Calais to Dover :-… you can see the affects of these people. Now for the government to look like its trying to prevent illegal immigrants it can only really target those who are “LEGALLY” allowed to enter the country and are going via the legal system. Its all to do with statistics, the real problems get ignored and legal people who should have a natural right to enter are ignored. Its a pity but its true..