Aquino’s presidential ratings begin to dip but still very high.

Pulse Asia inc have reported that eight out of ten Filipino adults support president Aquino’s performance. Although has reduced by nine percentage points to seventy nine compared to July. His trust rating has also reduced by five percentage points to eighty.

Fresh on return from the summit in Japan president Aquino was optimistic saying his administration faced many challenges since taking over from the Arroyo administration and that the drop was expected.

"Of course, that might have something to do with the Quirino Grandstand issue," Mr. Aquino later told reporters, referring to the hostage crisis that left the hostage-taker and eight Hong Kong tourists dead. "Of course that can’t be said when we had the typhoon."

Pulse Asia carried out the survey between the 20th of October and 29th carrying out face to face interviews across the country involving 1200 responses.

President Aquino also had a jab at the news media Philippines in regards to the fact they will report bad news over good and play it up with twisted and distorted facts.

"It’s possible that you don’t get all the news about what’s happening in the country,"

  "What is happening is that in order to get more attention, they tend to scrape tiny scratches,"

“these tiny scratches that the media were scraping were being felt by Filipinos at home and abroad.

Issues magnified”

"It’s natural for anyone to lose the drive to work if what one gets is all bad news,"


(he told some 1,000 Filipinos who gathered at the Futuba high school auditorium on Sunday night to hear him speak).

He said he was in Japan to tell Filipinos "that your families in the Philippines are in good hands."

Mr. Aquino said he was travelling abroad not to brag, otherwise his late parents – martyred Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino – would surely make him feel their disapproval.

"What we want to achieve is simple: Many goods things are happening in our country. We will not fail Filipinos. We are taking care of our countrymen. You’re still my boss. This is the kind of news that you should get," Mr. Aquino said.

At the same time I will say in Mr Aquino’s defence is he took over an empty treasury of a country riddled with corruption its not an overnight quick fix and even in his presidential era its very likely he will struggle to undo the long decades of damage that have been done to the country on all levels. But I am hopeful he will begin to tackle the countries problems.