Aprils birthday party today

birthday cake - philippines

I say party but mean more of a family gathering than one of the events we normally have (incase your wondering where your invite is). The cake is something April knocked up herself after realising how much junk is in the ones you buy from stores where a basic sponge is just plastered with a sickly creamy mix. Instead of wasting the money April just grabbed a basic sponge from a store instead, iced and covered it making an overloaded type of cake with plenty of chocolates that kids love.

stuffed turkey - philippinesWhat happened last night though is we went to bed late after prepping up a turkey and chicken, what no pork? The turkey came about as Aprils uncle noticed we always had turkey for Christmas and wondered why so donated a turkey as a birthday present so that he could also try the dish in the way we have it. Here as you can see Aprils culinary skills have been at work again creating a mixed dish which tasted fantastic.

roast chicken - philippines


With Aprils uncle coming over I decided to do a roast chicken and although was a late getting back to the house last night to find April had already stuffed the orange and lemon I quickly got to work rubbing some rosemary into the skin with olive oil and some other herbs before the garlic was added to the top for cooking. We cook these in a glass dish with lid as it locks in the flavour and just baste it from time to time to stop it drying out.

Roast potatoNo table can exist with turkey and chicken on it without the potatoes, we advise keeping the skins on to help lock in the herbs flavours as they soak them up in the oven.


rice cooked with caramelised sugarNot the healthiest of dishes being rice mixed with caramalised sugar but it is fairly addictive in flavour for those with a sweet tooth. Can’t remember the name of it but would recommend trying it has a bit of a sweet and chewy texture and would like to experiment with this and custard next time.

birthday noodlesBirthday noodles are something you may wonder what is special with them on a birthday and the answer is.. they are birthday noodles because your eating noodles on your birthday, no big secret bit of an odd one when April would mention people are having birthday noodles when in reality its people are just eating noodles and it happens to be on someone’s birthday.

100_6250Making use of old bottles these are Paul Masson wine bottles which work great for these naturally mixed drinks adding a bit of colour to the table.





A happy day for all concerned.. happy birthday April!!

Happy Birthday April!