Application and Fees for Dual Citizenship – Philippines

The applications made by former Filipino citizens who are abroad but are Bureau of Immigration registered aliens should file under oath to the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate for evaluation. The Embassy or Consulate will forward the documents to the Immigration Commissioner for the ACR cancellation and the issuance of the Identification Certificate (IC).

Dual Citizenship Application in the Philippines

Dual Citizenship Application outside the Philippines

Likewise, applications by former Filipino citizens abroad, who are not BI-registered aliens, should file the petition at the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate to obtain the Identification Certificate (IC).
Listed below are the fees and charges required for the applicants in the Philippines, otherwise, the application fee is US$50.

Application Fee 2,500

Express Lane Fee 500

Total 3,000

Recognition Schedule of Charges

Application Fee 1,000

Identification Certificate (IC)   3,000

Service Fee  5,000

Legal Research Fee 30

Express Lane Fee  500

BI-Clearance   1,010

Total 10,540