Aphid plant infestation (green fly) how to kill them

fairy liquid kills aphids

Blog has gone all gardening lately but i promise more varied stuff will be happening once the weather clears up.

But today wanted to mention washing up liquids as a good thing for getting rid of aphid infestation as we are currently seeing another attack underway with no orb spiders around to eat them. Mixing up some washing up liquid in a spray bottle mixed with water is a sure fire way of killing the green fly / aphids as it seems to clog their breathing. Go with a lemon fresh washing up liquid also keeps things like ants away as ants don’t like the smell of lemon.

The big problem I find with the Aphid infestations we have had is they devestate the plants very quickly if you don’t get it under control as soon as you notice them starting to breed. Lift up the leaves and you will see the eggs and spray these more than anything else as it stops the breeding process.

Another handy tip though is that the don’t seem to go very high which is why our plants on the balcony area of the apartments don’t have green fly /aphids at all so may pay to actually at least move the plants temporarily to a higher spot.