Apartment 2 pushing forward to completion

One thing I have learned over the construction work I have done here is always try to get a price if dealing with a contractor to “completion” or if doing it yourself estimate yourself. An example of that is today’s timber estimate that a worker quoted was 50% out not a big issue at the same time its still nearly P2k and the hassles of getting more here for the job to be finished on time. Not sure why people’s calculations are so far out as they aren’t making money off the materials to make some disappear as we not only supply the stuff we are sitting in on the work to make sure nothing goes astray. We aren’t paranoid of theft but assume things need to be done a certain way removes risks of things going wrong. Today the timber framed ceiling will be going in as a false ceiling under the steel to give it a more subtle feel to the apartment. The stud partition wall be following up to the ceiling and tied in and hopefully tomorrow all will be over boarded after I move the electrics tonight.

My wife’s father has just about finished welding the bed together from pieces of steel we had available making it more robust than you will find in the malls. The sink and kitchen will also be going in this week although sadly will be concrete and not timber cabinets. The reason being I went to buy the saw last week and they were out of stock so assumed would be some time before it arrived which is why I spent the saw money on parts instead. Yesterday dropped in to buy the sink and there she was a nice shiny new table saw with extension table and 12” blade for  P18,200 and will now have to wait until I have more cash again! On a positive note they will order another one in if this one has sold and to be honest its a good thing judging by the number of washers they had sat on the top of the table which told me none of the locking washers had been fitted. A few days of the saw running and the screws and bolts will start to fall out. Give me one in a box any day.

Still a bit hindered with my ribs at the moment which is irritating to say the least as it affects my breathing, struggle to do the electrics as well as impossible for me to do the timber frame or crawl around on the floor to do the grouting. Another few weeks mind and this apartment will be up for rent.

One thing I have realised though is how quiet the apartment is as well as it doesn’t get too hot. May sound odd but the reason being is it only has 2 small windows and neither of them are open because we haven’t installed mosquito grills yet. But to be honest I could happily live here with the family if it was a bit bigger for the 5 of us (5 being the other person is Zoei’s yaya). I am sat here typing with a P300 fan dangling as we are moving the main fans to the wall and its cool enough to sit here all day without a sweat. The entrance area is also going to get a make over with some timber decking to allow a couple of chairs and a table for sitting out in the afternoon.

2 comments for “Apartment 2 pushing forward to completion

  1. Bushido_Soul
    March 5, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Sounds like a nice apartment. You should post some pics of the apt and ongoing construction…

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 5, 2011 at 10:02 am

      Will add some new photos tonight 😉