Apartment 2 for rent Minglanilla P7,000 per month nears completion

Apartment for rent Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines - P7,000 Apartment for rent Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines - P7,000

When i designed the toilet and shower room layout I had to reverse it because originally nobody had thought about a shower room being installed. They had decided to put the toilet in where the shower room now stands. This meant like many things “doing it twice!” not drastic but there was a waste pipe in the floor with an opening where the toilet bowl was going and that needed removing and filling as well as locating a shower waste. Just extra hassles, the lighting also was altered as originally the light switch was inside the room and the light fitting was in a location that was likely to cause electrocution. Now I have leveled out the ceiling and added a sealed light unit to get round that problem. In the future I will be adding in a solar water heater for the 3 apartments so currently there is no hot water feed but no problem with anyone wanting to install their own electric shower. Apartment for rent Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines - P7,000The toilet area is now looking

completely different after its walls being rubbed down, a lick of paint and a general tidy up amazing what an afternoon can do. Glad to see apartment 2 nearing completion as simply its taken a bit longer than it should have done although the finish on it as like apartment 1 is a lot higher than places I have seen so far.

But then again I have ended up doing at least 70% of the internal work myself and can see apartment 3 with me 1 labourer and a cement mixer working it from start to finish.

The sitting room area is almost ready for painting just waiting for the concrete to dry so I can do the last bit of tiling before I start making the kitchen wall unit. After that everything can be sanded down, cleaned up and the painting can begin.

Apartment for rent Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines - P7,000















If interested in renting it will be P7,000 per month + Bills currently I would expect the cost to a tenant to be around P150 for water (split with the main house) and less than P2,000 a month electric although if you add air-conditioning (there is a slot as well as electrics installed just no unit electric generally costs most of your electric bill if we don’t run ours for example at the house it drops to P600 a month bill and because we run it evenings now because of the kids generally our bill is P1,600 per month. Drinking water is P100 for 3 large containers from a local supplier which for 1-2 people is enough for the month.

What the apartment does come with though is :-

  • Shared internet on Wifi which if you bought yourself would cost P999 a month but its currently “Free” for fair usage i.e. if you want to download its after 11pm only due to having other PCs on the network. But for browsing, internet chat etc. you can do that 24/7 without disruption.
  • Refrigerator
  • TV + PC (The computer is more of an entertainment centre but if internet is needed Wifi can be added)
  • 1 Ceiling fan and 1 wall fan
  • Metal frame bed
  • Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • Gas stove although you will need to get an LPG tank from a nearby garage
  • Laundry women are available for weekly or frequent laundry collection although negotiation on the cost is between you and them but we can advise on price.

If your interested please drop me an email to matt_wilkie@hotmail.co.uk