Apartment 2 after repairs! – Construction in the Philippines

concrete kitchen unit. Spent most of yesterday sorting out the cowboys work as they are now fired I had to do it myself not that I minded as the amount of damage they have already done was way more than their salaries another couple of guys that I won’t be keeping on the worker list. On the positive side we have got one of the good workers coming back to finish off the concreting something I can’t currently do due to my ribs still being painful, but after nearly a month I am starting to heal up.

As you can see the sink unit is now the right way round if you didn’t know what I was talking about it was that the sink has a left hand strainer which means the water facet can only go on one side but the workers had put it in on the right hand side resulting in me having to remove the steel, re-cut the plywood, remove some supports and then rebuild everything which is time consuming and simply shouldn’t have happened. The electrics are another story and not as easy to fix due to the way the workers installed everything although safe they don’t function properly due to the wiring up being done in the wrong order. But will be the next job on the list. The other thing I managed to get done yesterday is almost complete the TV unit which is just awaiting two small pieces of plywood before it can be finally filled, sanded and painted.

plywood entertainment unitIt may seem a little extreme but there are more reasons for it being there than are obvious for a start emergency access to water supply is left accessible without being obtrusive in the apartment. Another being it follows on into the bedroom giving a built in dressing table and wardrobe I am still building. I built a computer into the unit as you can see on the bottom right as TV isn’t great here and being able to surf the net or use the hard drive and USB connections to watch movies can keep even the most fussy of screen watchers happy. The keyboard drops down where the current white cover is with the mouse also being housed on a shelf inside allowing easy use of the computer. At a later stage someone wanted to go wireless its also easy to just add it on.

The apartment is getting there slowly but we have others available at the moment which you can find on the top of the page under “Property Rentals Cebu” I have spent a bit of time negotiating reasonable rents as prices are going up here with the new SM mall about to start construction as well as 2 other malls opening up in Minglanilla in the last 12 months.