Ants and electronics – Philippines


There is a constant battle going on that most Filipinos don’t even notice. Its the battle between the Foreigner and the invading ants who constantly want to make home in electronics. The bizarre thing is the same ants don’t seem to be affected by heat either. I often find them wandering around inside the oven when its switched on as if its normal. Another thing we did was bring in some bait traps from the UK. Worked a treat but only to find killing one colony just ended up with another one moving in. Our current invaders actually come from a nest two houses away as I spent a bit of time tracing the trail and adding a bit of poison. It is also surprising how many different colonies there are and different types of ants the larger black ones don’t seem to bother people but the red ones bite,sting or whatever it is they do anytime I come across them. I may seem a bit obsessive but I find them interesting as they will constantly re-route after you poison a trail. Height may seem a solution but a friend of mine has experienced ants in his apartment 4 levels up. Realistically they are part of living in the Philippines they will be here long after I am gone that’s for sure. There is some benefit to having them aswell as they will pretty much wipe out any caterpillars trying to scale your plants.