Anti pickpocket device for notes

Pickpocket After all the problems of the recent tenant discussing it via email it comes down to one thing not the apartment but he was the victim of a pick pocket where most of his money was stolen on a jeepney. First thing I want to say to everyone is Jeepney’s and busy areas are full of pickpockets which is one of the reasons you find many people will say things are safe as they don’t venture into these sort of areas such as the retirees that live in condos and only go to the malls.

But for the rest of us its part of life and a little thing I invented this morning you may find useful if you can be bothered to make it. First off is taking the humble paperclip or even better a good money clip thinking about it now though there is now two ideas and I will give you the first one and you can see the draw backs which are different to the second setup. You take the rape/panic alarm cord and place it through the paperclip. The other end can either be in your pocket tight so if tugged it would be difficult not to notice it or in fact even on a belt loop. Result will be depending on the strength of the panic alarm that if the money is grabbed it will pull the cord out of the alarm.


The next method is a bit more technical as you will need a good sized money clip for which you connect 2 wires one to each side of the clip. Making sure the money clip itself is not conductive with electricity. you connect the wires to small metal plates although working out what to use you will have to search around the best off the top of my head would be the lead foil used for window security where if the glass breaks it disrupts the electrical circuit setting off the security alarm (you will find this in many western countries). But here you will have to search around to see what works! either way attach the wires one to each side. You take a panic alarm and remove the cord that sets the alarm off so its permanently on. Then attach the wires into the battery circuit disrupting the circuit in the unit so that only when your money is removed from the money clip completely will the alarm go off. But what if I run out of money won’t it keep going off in my pocket? answer to that is keep a piece of card in the middle of your bills and when removing money simply slide it up out of the clip from the back so it doesn’t set the alarm off every time you go in your pocket.

These are ideas by the way but would be interested to know if someone has done something similar or have other ideas and things that work.