Another quiet few days

Its been a bit quiet here lately although have sold the Jeepy and looking forward to now revamping the multi-cab and adding a back canopy to it. Decided on the best course of action for selling the multi-cab is to get it looking all shiny and add a few extras and add it to the price, most offers we have had so far have been around P25,000 which is fair enough for a non runner but its pretty much mechanically sound. It has an electrical short on some wiring which just needs to get on a ramp to follow the looms down to sort that out. The rest of the vehicle is fine including the fact that to sell it I will need to put another battery on it which would then drop it from P25,000 to P22,000. Don’t know about you but I haven’t come across any vehicles for P22,000 here especially in running order. So instead will just tidy it up myself and add a full canopy to the back and use it for another 6 months at the same time advertise it. Spending P10,000 on it will give it a new canopy, sort the electrics and add a new battery. For another P7,000 I can get the whole vehicle resprayed. Odd thing is if I do the re-spray as well I have seen vehicles in similar age/condition for P70,000 just because its got fresh paint which is a little bizarre to me considering the age of the body and engine parts are already borderline antique.

Besides that my back has just about clicked back into place and I have been hunting around for a good backpack for the trip to Negros Oriental. Yes still going! the reason I put it off for a month was that Jovie’s boyfriend is also heading down on the 26th so made sense to travel down together at the same time gave a bit of time for preparations. Which getting back to the backpack is a bit concerning on finding a good waterproof backpack as I need to take camera equipment and the current weather gives some severe downpours at times. So far found a lot of copies and although they look fine can see the lower quality won’t last months and this is going to be the first trip of many. I often find it funny here wandering around Gaisano as its never hard to find “store brands” stock when I say store brands I am talking for sale only in stores such as Marks and Spencer or other large department stores but here we find the stock leaking into areas its not supposed to be such as Gaisano a low class department store. Solution long term to the rucksack problem is getting a military one sent from the UK and I know its good for the next 20 years if not longer. I am also pushing ahead with the new motorbike but won’t need it for the next month as the scooter is fully operational and I am still planning where to go after Negros Oriental but Leyte is looking promising.

The other thing I am about to do today is start reading up on my camera equipment something I should have done when I bought it, odd thing is no real excuse except for time restraints as I have bought not only the books for the camera but also a lot of digital photography techniques manuals. Hopefully will help improve the photo quality on the blog to make it more varied and interesting.