Another Day Another Thought

I’m currently in a very strange situation I haven’t come across since I was in college many years ago. The fact is the UK is collapsing and the current government seems to think its not they’re fault and are doing virtually nothing to stem the flow. The problem is now do I go back to the UK to work.. There is little work available and no guarantee its going to be around when I arrive. Or do I start developing things in the Philippines. Either by writing, teaching English or a few small ventures to keep the wheels turning. Its a strange scenario not knowing what direction the future is heading but one thing is for sure even here in the Philippines things are beginning to be felt. I abandoned the internet and computer programming years ago but I get the feeling its about to become a major source of income in the very near future as the current economic situation in the world is going to force a lot of companies to outsource and where better than a country that speaks English and has highly educated people and fairly low labour costs.