Another day another crash… Cebu, Philippines

We were on route back from Ayala just taking our turning off the Rotunda in central Cebu city when traffic all came to a quick halt before heading back off again. As we went passed we seen that a pedestrian had been hit by a multi-cab. A common problem in the Philippines which I still don’t understand as in the UK we teach kids from a very young age is to look both ways before crossing the road. Here generally people bimble out into traffic assuming you will slow down for them. Although this wasn’t the main point of this topic. There was nobody with the guy who appeared in his early 50s lay out on the road. His head had taken most of the impact judging by the way he was lay. When I say that I don’t mean from the vehicle as generally people will automatically put their hands up to protect themselves from the vehicle hitting them but as you are hit you flick back and receive more damage from the road which appears to be what happened here. The driver was busy arguing with someone in the middle of the road while everyone just looked on. I was about to stop to assist but I remembered this is right next to a Police station and no doubt they would be quickly on the scene which would put me in the way more than I would be of any help. So we moved on which to my horror I seen the Policeman that is dealing with traffic violations in the area swiftly walking in the opposite direction of the accident in what appears to be “if I didn’t see it it didn’t happen”. Getting out of the way rather than dealing with something he should be first on scene for. What has happened to humanity?

People forget even if you have no medical experience how much just talking to someone means to them and their family. The fact they are not alone, as we went past with his breathing pattern it was very obvious that his body compensating for the injury with adrenaline but a high risk of shock.

Why didn’t I take any photos? some people would say its bad journalism but I say its a right of privacy and dignity. I refuse to take such photos as everything has its place and photography is not one for these types of incidents.