Annoyance of charities justifying stealing other peoples money for “expenses and high salaries”.

I have had a gripe with charities for a long time especially after you donate things yourself to find out the charities are pretty much mocking the whole idea. I look at Oxfam and the CEO earning over £90,000 a year and people say she’s worth it otherwise she could go to another business guess what these people never go to another business if anything they go to another charity! Because their skills are worthless in the private sector they have no relevant experience in anything but cash pooling for charities. I have seen some major charities spend literally their entire budget on advertising in the hope it would pay of grabbing every coin from every doorstep. I’m talking millions of pounds not a drop in the ocean, at the same time I wonder why they are spending so much on TV ads and junk mail. People get sick of seeing it. Envelopes go in bins and the TV channel gets switched over.

But probably my biggest gripe is there seems to be a lack of interest in the general public to where their money goes and who spends it and on what. I visited Oxfam with a work mate last year and its not a regular haunt of mine as I don’t use charity shops. What did surprise me is that they spend money branding things like bags etc. What are they doing?? At what point can they justify donations on logo printing? Wouldn’t it be better served advertising other peoples businesses instead and taking a revenue for advertisement space?

What brought up this discussion in the first place is the pushing of the Pakistani flood disaster in the UK especially with Gordon Brown pushing it. I remember the earthquake disaster which was also slow to get going to help Pakistan. But why these so slow yet Africa floods with money? To be honest I think its to do with the number of Pakistani Migrants in the UK as I discussed this in detail with friends back at the earthquake disaster and it pretty much came back as “there is enough of them in the country to sort it themselves”. Thing is I wonder if that is true but also from experience in Asia if most of them care as many things are seen outside of their reach so many may not want to get involved. A prime example of this was a friend with his wife found a very young child crawling along the street to where his wife said leave it alone and that they shouldn’t concern themselves. Maybe that is it.. ohh look at the disaster its so bad.. then a flick of the channel and its all forgotten.

Me I will never donate anything to a charity even things like Kiva that promote themselves as a helping organisation that does 0% loans you find their trading partners skimming 40% in many cases in interest on the loans your doing for no profit. Don’t kid yourself either if an organisation says its none profit either as the perks and salaries will soon rid you of your cash making it none profit but straight into someone’s pocket.

If you ever watch these appeals they have on TV take a look at their vehicles, generally they seem to ship them in and its why they are all gleaming and new. Asking me to donate a part of my salary each month while these people ride around in brand new vehicles paid for by mugs like the British public.. no thank you..