An interesting evening with PNP and Social Services

A strange meeting happened tonight over an invite to a Fiesta. Discussions of groups of people that don’t generally socialise together Police and social services. You may wonder what the relevance is and why I am writing about it. Well the reason being that there is a law regarding Juveniles in the Philippines under the age of 15 this was a hot topic as recently a senior police officer had a court case put against a minor as regards drug crime and having certain possessions on his belonging. Now this got me thinking about a case that happened to an Expat’s son who was caught with several spliffs of marijuana that cost the Expat about P250,000 to hush the Police up. The truth of the matter is that in the case that we were talking about (no names mentioned by the way even at the dinner as it would be breaching legal laws in the protection of minors). But one of the Police at the dinner had arrested a minor with certain items and the Social worker at the meal had dealt with the same case at a different level (within the legal system). If they are under 15 and the crime is “victimless” as well as having a prison term of less than 6 years they can pretty much get away with it as the legal system still regards them as minors. The same reason a lot of the “shooters” in murders here are minors in age. Same goes for the bag snatchers etc. You may think the law isn’t doing their bit to stop these crimes but in many cases legally they are not allowed to. These minors also have to be handed over to social services not jailed.

So getting back to the expat who gave away P250,000 in hush money he would have probably got away with paying nothing if he knew the law actually protected the minor even if he was guilty. It was an interesting meeting as many things came up but most of which I can’t write here as it implicates people from the meal as well as things that are currently in the wheels of motion.